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Advice On Choosing a Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle.

Having a disability does not necessarily mean that you shouldn't be able to go about everyday life in a different manner to anybody else. From ramps to get into the office to wet floor showers, there have been many methods to assisting wheelchair users live and prosper independently.

If you do suffer from mobility issues, it is important that when buying a car it is adapted suitably to your specific needs. Knowing what you need will stand you in good stead and being unsure is the first obstacle when it comes to choosing a vehicle that will be of use to you.

There are many different points to consider when purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

How will you get your chair in your vehicle

It can be a difficult and laborious task to get a wheelchair in a car. Although there have been plenty of advancements in the design of wheelchairs in recent years, a lot of them can be fairly bulky and troublesome to shift. Exactly how your chair will get in your new vehicle will depend heavily on the design and style you have. You may have a chair that can be easily disassembled and able to fit in your car handily. Larger electric chairs that cannot be dismantled may require a wheelchair accessible van rather than a car. Be sure you know what size vehicle you need before committing to purchasing anything.

What size vehicle do you need

The amount of room inside you wheelchair adapted vehicle may be very limited once your chair, passengers and luggage is all in. You need to be sure that anything you need to carry with you
regularly is able to fit comfortably in your car. Any manoeuvres that you as wheelchair user will need to carry out also require enough room - you don't want to be stuck helpless unable to move. There may also be a possibility that you will need to upgrade to a larger wheelchair in the future. It may be best to make sure that the vehicle you buy is able to accommodate a bigger chair in the future.

Where will everyone sit

Bearing in mind that your wheelchair is the most important seating consideration when it comes to buying your new vehicle, you should ponder where other travellers will sit. Many wheelchair adapted vehicles enable a person in a chair to remain in it without the need to sit in a different seat. In most cases, the wheelchair user sits behind the front seats and usually towards the back of the car. There are options to accommodate you should you wish to sit up front however so consider where you yourself would like to be seated. Wherever you are to sit, it is worth making sure that you can see out of a window and hear other passengers so that you don't feel isolated.

How much will it cost

Although you may consider a wheelchair accessible vehicle a must for you and your family, everybody has a price they cannot exceed. Honestly, the cost of your vehicle will ultimately depend on what model and adaptations are required.

A lot of wheelchair adapted vehicles dealers provide discounts in order to help disabled people be able to travel. There are charities nationwide that will do what they can to help with any costs. There are also certain people and vehicles that are either part or wholly exempt from paying road taxes. Be sure to know up front what costs you are going to incur on your new vehicle.

Will the new vehicle be safe

Regardless of the vehicle type, safety is paramount on road. Wheelchair adapted vehicles may need a little more contemplation. Most have four safety belts that attach to your chair front and back to hold it in place. Before you buy, make sure that these restraints stop your wheelchair from rolling and moving.
Tieece Gordon
Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles
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