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disabled holiday information
disabled holiday information
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Supported Learning Disability Holidays - Encouraging Independence

Fun, adventure and freedom are what holidays are all about and you will be pleased to learn, with the fantastic amount of supported holidays available, people with learning disabilities can experience exciting activities, meet new friends and most importantly, be themselves; factors which can be a struggle when taking mainstream holidays.

About Supported Learning Disability Holidays

From short activity breaks to sightseeing in Vegas, there is something to suit all tastes and abilities. Arranging holidays through a specialist provider can be an ideal solution. They recognise each individual's circumstance will be different and offer carefully considered programs with the appropriate level of support. These schemes provide a safe environment promoting self-confidence, independence and new skills.

Support services can vary, some companies offer 24 hour support with on-site nursing personnel and one-to-one assistance, whilst others are geared more towards mild learning disability, allocating one care assistant per 3-5 adults for guidance if required. It's common for newcomers to receive a home visit prior to their first holiday. This allows staff to manage holiday desires and prepare a support plan for the trip.

Most supported holidays are all-inclusive, consisting of flights, accommodation, meals, excursions and transfers (some companies will even pick up and drop off at the home address). Carers help sort out medication, passports, luggage and holiday money.

The cost of supported holidays can vary depending on the level of care required. Weekly UK trips start approximately from 400 per person.

Financial Assistance

Families on a low income and who have a child with disabilities may be eligible for a grant towards the cost of a holiday. Some charities help with holiday expenses and operate holiday schemes. Some may even own a holiday property. A few specialist agents operate on a non-profit basis, keeping the costs of learning disability holidays to a minimum and affordable to the client. Contact your local Social Services Department, who should be able to investigate available funding and inform you of available charity schemes.

Travel Insurance

If the holiday is reliant upon a carer, it is advisable to purchase a policy that includes 'Carer Cover'. Therefore, if the carer cannot travel and the person with the disability is forced to cancel, the cost of the holiday can be recovered. Many agents offer their own travel insurance scheme. Having a learning disability should not stop anyone getting full cover and it should not cost any more than the next person, unless there are pre-existing medical conditions to declare.

Tips & Suggestions

Disability Holidays Guide's online search facility is a great way to find suitable companies offering supported learning disability holidays. Also, highly recommend is the online resource, Netbuddy.org.uk, offering solutions to everyday issues encountered by parents, carers, teachers and therapists working with learning disability.

Victoria Moses is an author for Disability Holidays Guide Ltd which offers an online search facility for those seeking learning disability holidays in the UK and Worldwide.
Victoria Moses
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disabled equipment
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disabled equipment
disabled holiday information
disabled holiday information
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disabled equipment
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