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disabled holiday information
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disabled equipment disabled aids disabled equipment
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Transportation Wheelchair For Problems of People with Disabilities
Transportation Wheelchair For Problems of People with Disabilities

Transportation is an extremely important policy issue for those with disabilities. People with disabilities have consistently described how transportation barriers affect their lives in important ways.

Transporting wheelchair users can pose a safety risk, however. If the wheelchair and the wheelchair user are not properly secured, the wheelchair user could suffer injuries should the transportation vehicle be involved in an accident (even a minor one) or travel over rough roads. Even travelling on smooth roads can lead to injury if the wheelchair or wheelchair user is improperly secured.

Transport wheelchairs are machines or equipment that facilitate for mobility and movement of wheelchair confined people at public places. While it is true that simple wheelchairs can do the trick, transport wheelchairs are specifically designed and manufactured to facilitate better roaming and mobility at malls, restaurants and parks where people usually converge to relax.

Transport chairs are generally only used for temporary situations. They are used to transport hospital patients or for people who are temporarily too weak to walk or use a manual wheelchair because they are recovering from an illness or medical procedure.

The majority of transport wheelchairs are considerably less sizeable than their self-propelled counterparts. The much larger rear wheels with ergonomically designed hand-rims can consume a lot of space in hallways or the boot of a car. Transport wheelchairs have by design much smaller rear wheels, they lack the hand rims and they are, in the main, more compact. A primary factor may well be who will, or can be, providing the momentum.

If travelling with a companion, an electric wheelchair user may opt for a transport chair because it is a low-cost and extremely light-weight and portable mobility device. If going on vacation, however, also have the option of renting a power wheelchair at destination, and transportable power wheelchairs are available which can be brought on a plane.

If travel frequently by yourself, this is a good investment, although the weight is still much heavier than that of a transport chair. If travel with a companion who is willing to push around, a transport chair is an economic option.

Swift Self-Propelled Wheelchair 46 cm

Technical Details
Material: Aluminium 6061, T6
Seat height front: 50 cm
Seat height rear: 47.5 cm
Seat depth: 41 cm
Seat width: 41 cm
Seat angle: 3.50
Backrest height: 41 cm
Backrest: 80
Legrest angle: 700
Footplate: 38-48 cm (five holes)
Max user weight: 115 kg
Armrest height: 23 cm
Chair weight: 10.2 kg

Choosing the best transport wheelchairs:

Choosing the best transport wheelchairs is highly imperative. That is because consumers basically would aim to extract and get the best services and products available in the market. No one wants to get substandard transport wheelchairs at prices that are almost close to prices of highly comfortable and premium ones.

It is a basic requirement to be more discerning and selective when buying transport wheelchairs. With so many machines and brands out in the market, it would resent it if would invest in products that would otherwise be not so helpful.

Here are some of the many benefits that transport wheelchairs are able to give:

Transport wheelchairs are normally less expensive than the other types of wheelchairs such as Lightweight Wheelchairs or the traditional chairs. It can purchase a transport chair for as low as, while the more costly ones are priced at more than, especially when they are packed with a lot of features.

Once have decided that the transport wheel chair is what is needed, it should also take into account factors. For example, you should consider details such as the weight of the chair in terms of transport and the comfort that it provides.

There are transport wheelchairs that are fashioned from steel tubes, while some are made out of lightweight aluminium. If the caregiver is someone who may not have that much strength, it is better to pick one that has lightweight aluminium material.

As for comfort, consider the seat width and the physical features of the patient. If the patient is more on the chubby side, look for transport chairs that have wider seat widths. There are also wheelchairs that may or may not have seat cushions. Of course, those with seat cushions are more comfortable to sit in than those without.

Transport wheelchairs are not too heavy to push or move along, and are usually of the right sizes, compact enough to fit inside trunks of most automotive or vehicles. Nowadays, there are even mobility wheel chairs that can be folded to look like bags which can be easily slung over people's shoulders the transport wheel chair has become a much needed mobility chair.
Manish Batra
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