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   Finance > Employment > Aspects To Consider
Aspects To Consider When Starting A Disability Vehicles Business

In today's world, unlike decades ago, people with disabilities are no longer strictly limited in their ability to travel and enjoy life like those without disabilities.

Thankfully due to technological advancement people with disabilities can now be able to move from place to place as drivers or as passengers in cars that are specially designed or modified for their special needs.

The causes of disability in people are numerous. Some are born with it, others get injured through accidents and wars while other get sick and become disabled. In some countries the number of disabled people is estimated well into the millions. This is a large number of people whose special needs give rise to the demand and supply of certain goods and services.

These demands for various goods and services give opportunity to engage in business activities that not only help meet the needs of the disabled but provides livelihood to those who engage in those businesses.

One of the needs the disabled have is mobility- they need to travel from one place to another without being unduly hindered by their disability. The production of disability vehicles and the modification of vehicles to help the disabled drive or be driven is a business venture that has helped many disabled people live a more fulfilling life. Disability cars are sometimes called wheelchair cars or wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV).

Those interested in starting a business that rents or sells wheelchair accessible vehicles should consider various things before beginning the business. Just like any other business, it is important to do a thorough research on the industry so as to make an informed decision on the viability of the business.

Your initial research should first be to determine whether there is a demand for disability vehicles in the area you have thought of putting up your business. The presence of demand for disability vehicles is definitely a strong indication that you can begin the business of renting or selling wheelchair accessible vehicles. However, demand alone is not an automatic guarantee to the success of any business.

It is important that you take time to write down your business plan. This will help guide you on the way forward for your business while at the same time help you make better judgment in the face of opportunities as you consider both short and long term objectives. The writing of your business plan should help you outline your vision (what you want to do) and mission (how you will get your vision done) clearly.

The issue of how much capital is needed for the business is also an important aspect to consider. You need to sit down and do a costing of what exactly you will need to start a business that supplies wheelchair accessible vehicles. Initially, if you do not have large amounts of money, you can decide to acquire one or two vehicle that you can hire out to those who have disabilities.

Renting out of disability cars is an excellent alternative for non-emergency needs for the disabled and also provides them with a means of travel before purchasing their own. Renting the vehicles will not only give you a source of income but also gainful experience on the special needs of disabled people and a customer base as you endeavour to grow your business.

The presence or absence of competitors is another key point to consider. You need to discover whether there are any other businesses that supply wheelchair accessible vehicles in the location you want to set up your business. If you have strong competition, you need to ask yourself what aspect of your business will give you a cutting edge over your competitors?

About the Author

Diane Kirby is the lead author for the UK based Wholesale Shoe Reviews website. Diane's primary responsibilities consist of article authoring, content creation and comment moderation for the review site. Diane has been working as the primary author both this site and many others for a number of years.

Mobility Nationwide have been supplying quality used disability vehicles for many years. We have one of the largest stocks of both wheelchair convenient cars and bigger accessible people carriers or vans in the UK.
Diane Kirby
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