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DisabledInfo.co.uk offers advice and information for the disabled from the disabled
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   Finance > Employment > Specialized Careers
Specialized Careers With a Focus on Communities

Most careers that focus on community work and programs require a great deal of speciality skills. Equipped with acute expertise and the desire to support those in need, community-centric professionals are a vital resource in any society.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career that allows you to funnel your best skills and qualities straight into the community, you may want to consider earning certification in one of the following areas of specialization:

Instructor for Blind and Visually Impaired

Working with the blind is both challenging and rewarding. With extreme patience and specialized techniques, instructors teach both children and adults who are visually impaired how to move around safely and confidently. Blindness can be a very difficult impediment to live with, and instructors for the blind are a major support system for people who are visually impaired and their families. Areas if expertise include:

- The Eye and Low Vision
- Un-contracted Braille
- Orientation and Mobility
- Sensory Development
- Living Skills

The Autism and Behavioural Science

Autism is a realm of psychology and health studies that is controversial both in the treatments and studies that have been developed. Specialists in the field play a crucial role in guiding parents and other professionals through treatment options, educational activities and social exercises. Areas if expertise include:

- Non-violent Crisis Intervention
- Ethics and Professionalism
- Working with Families and Teams
- Behaviour Skill Building
- Parent and Staff Training
- Planning and Implementation

Social Services Worker

Social Services professional can choose to work with different populations and demographics, including youth and seniors. Working directly with people that are in need of support is a serious and demanding endeavour, and requires you to approach each individual issue with a broad scope of knowledge and proficiency. The community courses pertaining to this domain will typically focus on the following areas if expertise:

- History and Ethics of Social Work
- Privilege and Oppression
- Working with Children and Adolescence
- Psychology of Adjustment
- SSW Community Change
- Issues Related to Family
- Practice in Organizations
- Social Policy and Law

Personal Support Worker

PSWs assist with providing attentive care to the elderly and to patients who suffer from mental and/or physical disabilities, and chronic illness. The presence of PSWs is crucial to the healthcare system because of the assistance they provide to patients on a daily basis. Students enrolled in a personal support worker program quickly realize that their skill set extends into various areas of expertise, including:

- Developmental Psychology
- Communications
- Health and Illness
- Dementia and Mental Health
- Palliative Care

There are several other community-based careers, including agriculture, early childhood education, and non-profit leadership. More important than deciding which specialization you want to go into is your resolve to dedicate your time and skills to various communities in need.

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disabled holiday information
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