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   Your Stories > My Story > Are Disabled Veteran
Are Disabled Veterans Getting What They Need?

Veterans disability ratings are what we refer to for a certain criteria when it comes time to assess their disability and rate of pay. The big question is whether or not it's being done the right way, and whether or not it's actually fair.

What would you say is the answer on this one? Wouldn't you say it's fair to find it easy to compensate those that have fought for our freedom? Wouldn't you say it's fair to compensate those that were sent to war to fight for this country period?

It's amazing to me how men and women can be sent overseas or anywhere for that matter to defend our country, and when they come back we tell them that they have no coverage for their disabilities as a result of the war.

We sent them, we cover them; RIGHT? If you were a veteran how would you feel?

While certain criteria need to be met in any case of disability, I would certainly hope that our men and women that fought for this country didn't have to jump through hoops to get what they need and deserve.

Can we get an amen?

No Need to Battle Over Veterans Disability Ratings

If you have never understood the formula for veterans disability ratings, they exist just as they would for anyone with the need for:

An assessment

A criteria

Identification for the disability or disease

Earnings capacity as a result of the disability or disease

These are all important. I get it. What I struggle with, although I am NOT a veteran is that it seems that many of our service men and women have been through this assessment only to not receive the pay that they thought they would be receiving.

We have tons of veterans that have fought for us and are now disabled, but yet we have teen mom's having children and yet they are able to get their hands on just about anything they want or need. How does this work?

Now we have another troubling story. Claims are being made that auditors that handle these disability cases are overcompensating veterans so that they can avoid working through the backlog of those that are waiting. While veterans disability ratings are put into place to help streamline the process, I find it interesting that in reality anyone could say that our veterans are being overcompensated.

How is that possible? In my personal opinion, these men and women have more courage than the planet as a whole, but what do I know? No, I didn't serve, my father did, and both of my grandfathers did as well. I have so many more that served, but I didn't personally. This is why I have utmost respect for these men and women, and it's why I am saddened that these individuals are NOT getting the benefits they desperately need.

How sad. Is there a solution? If so, what is that solution?

Veterans Disability Ratings-Help Disabled Vets NOW!

One of the things we can do, even if we feel that we have no control is that we can serve our disabled vets by offering our time and resources for free. We can offer to help them clean their homes, give to charities that help support them, and much more.

Our veterans will never get enough help, and in some way we can all make our own contribution. We don't have to walk on water, but we can care about our vets and let them know how much we appreciate them. Our vets have given us our freedom, and many of them continue to fight overseas. What will you do?

A big part of living courageously is doing what is right even if you don't feel like it, or even if you don't believe that you have the time do do it. What are you waiting for? It's time for you to do something for someone else, and show them you love. Aside from what our government says about veterans disability ratings, it's time to serve!

About the Author:
Courageous Life is a non-profit organization, that is focused on encouraging people to stand up for what is right, to serve God, their country, and each other.
Courageous Life
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